World Cup 2022: Moroccan fans riot in Brussels after their team’s victory over Belgium

Moroccan fans

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Moroccan fans set fire to cars and destroyed shop windows in Ber en Kessel

Belgian police used water cannons and tear gas after being attacked by Moroccan football fans who wreaked havoc in central Brussels on Sunday after Morocco’s shock 2-0 victory over Belgium at the World Cup in Qatar.

Dozens of fans smashed shop windows, hurled fireworks and set vehicles on fire. Police said 11 people have been arrested and one is still in custody.

Even before the end of the game, “dozens of people, some in hooded clothes, sought confrontation with the police, endangering public safety,” the Brussels police said in a statement.

A police spokeswoman said some fans were armed with sticks and a journalist was “hit in the face by fireworks”.

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