6.8 billion dirhams in real estate transactions in Dubai in a week

Dubai (Union)

Real estate transactions in the Dubai Land Department during the current week amounted to more than 6.8 billion dirhams, recording 1959 pledges of allegiance, worth 5.05 billion dirhams, of which 333 allegiance to land, valued at 1.5 billion dirhams, and 1,626 pledges of loyalty to apartments and villas, worth 3.55 billion dirhams.

The main land sale of 342 million dirhams in the third Jebel Ali area, followed by a pledge of 87 million dirhams in the Business Bay area, followed by a pledge of 30 million dirhams in the Al-Jaddaf area.

Al Habiyah Fifth District topped the regions in terms of allegiances, with 138 pledges worth 308 million dirhams, followed by the first Jebel Ali region with 55 pledges of 188 million dirhams, and the third in Jebel Ali Port with 40 pledges of 3 million dirhams.

Regarding the main sales of apartments and villas, a pledge of 40 million dirhams in the Palm Jumeirah area came as the main pledge, followed by a pledge of 29 million dirhams in the Palm Jumeirah area, and finally a pledge of 28 million dirhams in the Palm Jumeirah area.

Dubai Marina led the region in the number of pledges of allegiance to apartments and villas, with 189 pledges worth 538 million dirhams, followed by Burj Khalifa, with 148 pledges worth 427 million dirhams, and third in the First Khairan , with 117 pledges worth 250 million dirhams.

Mortgages amounted to 1.58 billion dirhams, including 78 land mortgages worth 567.86 million dirhams and 357 mortgages for villas and apartments worth 1.01 billion dirhams.

As for the donations, 84 donations were registered, worth 228.25 million dirhams, the most important of which in the Al Thanyah First area worth 85 million dirhams, and another in the Burj Khalifa area worth 19 million dirhams.

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