A heinous crime in America.. She killed her three children for a strange reason

And according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail,” the story began after a person called security authorities to inform them that their neighbor, Mother Angela Don Flores, had entered their home around 1 AM last Sunday with a copy of the Bible. and a candle.

Police arrived on the scene and Flores was taken to hospital without suspicion to receive necessary medical care.

But around 8 a.m., Los Angeles police responded to a report of an armed person at Flores’ home, linked to her 16-year-old teenage son.

Upon their arrival, the police discovered the bodies of 3 Anguilla children: Natalie (12), Kevin (10) and Nathan (8).

The mother admitted in court on Wednesday that she killed her three children, noting that her fourth son helped her, which the latter denies.

She said she did so because she “thought her three children were possessed by demons.”

Her ex-husband Jacob told the Los Angeles Times that she called him a week ago and started talking to him about religion, adding, “She told me things about God…religious.”

The next hearing for Anguilla, Don Flores, is scheduled for next August, while the teen is due to appear in juvenile court on May 25.

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