FIFA investigates Castillo .’s suitability

Zurich (Reuters)

The International Football Association “FIFA” said it has opened an investigation into allegations that Ecuador paid a player who was ineligible to participate in the World Cup qualifiers.
The Chilean Football Federation said last week it had evidence that Guayaquil back-back Byron Castillo was born in Tomaco, Colombia in 1995 and not in the Ecuadorian city of General Bamel Playas in 1998, as stated in its official papers.
The Chilean Football Federation added that Barcelona defender Guayaquil, who played in eight games in Ecuador’s qualifiers for the Qatar final, had used a false passport and birth certificate.
Ecuador is one of four South American teams to have already qualified for the World Cup final later this year, along with Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. Fifth seed Peru will play a play-off next month.
“FIFA has decided to initiate disciplinary proceedings regarding the possible disqualification of Byron David Castillo Segura in relation to the aforementioned matches, and in this regard, the Ecuadorian Football Federation and the Peruvian Football Federation have been invited to present their position before a committee. FIFA said in a statement. Discipline of FIFA.
The Ecuadorian federation last week dismissed Chile’s allegations as “baseless rumours,” but Castillo’s disqualification could put Ecuador in trouble.
Castillo played in eight of the 18 qualifiers with Ecuador, scoring 14 points out of 26.
And if Ecuador loses points in the matches Castillo has participated in, it could lose its current spot in the Qatar final.
Chile finished seventh in qualifying with 19 points, but Eduardo Carlizzo, a lawyer for the Chilean federation, said that if Chile got points from the two Ecuadorian matches Castillo participated in, they would qualify for the World Cup instead of competing .

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