Gillie Da Kid Says Lil Durk Is The New HOV (Video)

Watch the throne! With so many talented rappers, everyone is vying to be the best of all time. However, when it comes to JayZ, you already know he’s got the place. You may wonder who could fall into the same category as the Brooklyn native? Gillie Da Kid has an answer for you. On a recent episode of Raquel Harper’s podcast “It’s Tricky,” he explained that Lil Durk is the new HOV.

Gillie quoted Durk’s “The Voice” lyrics, saying:

“I’m Durkio, but I’m Chicago JAY-Z. You know who the new HOV is.”

He explained to Raquel,

“For the young mobsters, HOV was about being a scammer, getting some money, and that was the wave when we were younger.”

More than 5,000 roommates commented, mostly disagreeing with Gillie. “I wish you guys would stop trying to replace these irreplaceable artists,” one commented. Another roommate wrote, “I can’t believe Gillie of all people thinks this.”

Others’ opinions didn’t seem to matter to Durkio as he agreed with Gillie’s comments and reposted the clip to his Instagram story an hour later. Durk is always active on social media and over the weekend he went all out for his fiancée India Royale for Mother’s Day. On Monday, the influencer shared a glimpse of her day, and it was beautiful. The event was hosted by the celebrity party planner and mother of Daybella, son of London On Da Track.

The mother of two looked eager in her bodycon dress, surrounded by balloons and flowers. Housemates, do you think Durk is the next HOV? Want updates straight to your SMS inbox? Call us at 917-722-8057 or Click here to participate!

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