Kim Kardashian receives a piece of hair from Marilyn Monroe (video)

Can you believe it?! Kim Kardashian isn’t over her peak from Monday’s Met Gala! Last night Kimmy came out with Marilyn Monroe’s iconic “Happy birthdaymr. President’s dress, from when she sang for John F. Kennedy in 1962. However, the moment is not over yet. Kimmy is back in the headlines after receiving a unique gift. Before the gala she went to Ripley’s Believe or Not, she got a lock of hair from Marilyn.

“I’m going to clone her,” said the owner of SKIMS. “Oh my God. I’m literally going to do some crazy voodoo s**t to channel her,” she said. “This is so special to me. Thank you. This is so cool. Wow, this sleeps with me every night.” According to US Weekly, Amanda Joiner, vice president of publishing and licensing for Ripley’s, said: “We really appreciated her collaboration and felt she was a great partner with Ripley’s Believe It or Not! so we can retell Marilyn Monroe’s story to a new generation.”

Amanda added: “We have 25,000 exhibits at Ripley’s, and when we work with partners we also want to show them our quirky side – and that was the gift we wanted to give her.” The museum is responsible for Kim’s loan of the famous Jean Louis dress for the gala. As we previously reported, Kim lost 16 pounds to fit the dress. Out of all eyes on Kim for her iconic look, they focused on her date, boyfriend Pete Davidson.

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