PlayStation blames technical error for overcharging upgraded PlayStation Plus subscribers at a discount

Yesterday we reported that PlayStation PlayStation Plus subscribers who previously had a discounted subscription were charged the full difference when upgrading to the PlayStation Plus Extra or PlayStation Plus Deluxe tiers.

Not only were they charged extra, but they were also asked to pay the difference for the entire stacked subscription (between 1 and 15 years, depending on how much was stacked).

PlayStation appears to have reversed its decision to charge discounted PlayStation Plus subscribers more to upgrade to the Extra or Deluxe plans, blamed on a technical error. The message below was posted to their Twitter account earlier today:

“Due to a technical error, players in Asia who previously purchased a discounted PlayStation Plus membership have been incorrectly charged for their upgrade price. This bug has been fixed and affected players will receive a credit. We thank you for your patience.”

This is supported by Asian PlayStation users who have confirmed that their upgrade amount has now changed after fixing this technical bug.

What doesn’t seem to have changed is that PlayStation has to pay you to upgrade your full stacked subscription, which probably makes sense. This means that if you’ve stacked PlayStation Plus for years, you’ll have to pay the difference to upgrade for the full stacked amount, but it’s still better than paying extra if you got it at a discounted rate.

This means that if you have a regular PlayStation Plus subscription and you upgrade to Deluxe, you can expect a $75 difference per 12 months that you’ve stacked up, so you can see how this would increase quite quickly.

PlayStation Plus Extra/Deluxe launches in Australia on June 22. You can find full details about the prices HERE.

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