The price of poker may have just gone up for Roquan Smith

There are a number of good reasons that 98 to 99% of NFL players are represented by professional agents when negotiating their contracts. There’s really only one good reason not to. Representation fees can be across the board depending on the caliber of the agent you hire and the variety of services they provide, but … Read more

Bears’ Cairo Santos kicked bad fields in preparation for Soldier Field

Cairo Santos had a unique strategy for preparing for the rough conditions at Soldier Field. Soldier Field is known for its rough playing surface, with wind and frigid temperatures damaging the grass. With the Bears’ first preseason game approaching, the grass is already in bad shape; Santos described it as “gritty” and noted that he … Read more

Predicting the Houston Texans’ 53-man roster

We’re two weeks into Houston Texans training camp, and while it’s been nice to see some of the younger players blossom and improve, I think everyone is longing for real football – fans, players, coaches, everyone. That will come soon enough, with the Saints coming to town this Saturday for the first preseason game of … Read more

NFL players urgently need to move teams 2022

Players in the NFL are being traded and moved all the time, which was evident during the wild 2022 outdoor season. Superstar talents such as Davante Adams, Russell Wilson and Tyreek Hill saw themselves moving into blockbuster trades, but all were traded with reluctance from the sales team. . This could be because the player … Read more

Eli Manning has faith in Brian Daboll and Daniel Jones

Eli Manning backs his friend Daniel Jones and thinks Giants’ new head coach Brian Daboll could be just the young quarterback to up his game. “[Daboll has] has been in this league for a long time,” said Manning, who won two Super Bowls as a Giants quarterback during his 16-year NFL career. “He’s worked with … Read more

NFL Owners OK Sale of Broncos

NFL owners have unanimously agreed to sell the Denver Broncos to an ownership group led by Rob Walton, whose father founded Walmart. The Walton-Penner Ownership Group agreed to pay $4.65 billion ($A6.65 billion) — a record price for a sports franchise — to settle the Bowlen family’s purchase. The late Pat Bowlen and his heirs … Read more

Seahawk’s Initial Depth Chart Has Geno Smith as Starting QB

Image: AP “What if – and this is purely hypothetical – we float to an unofficial depth to see how they react?” – (Probably) Pete Carroll buzzes around a 3-hour coaching meeting, some Adderall and five sugar-free Red Bulls deep, trying to figure out how to make the Seattle fans a reality in which Geno … Read more

Giants defense reflects Wink Martindale’s aggressive tone

Don “Wink” Martindale has the look of a man who welcomes a fight every day – and especially on Sunday. Martindale, the Giants freshman defensive coordinator, has a gruff demeanor about him that is accentuated by a frown and a graying goatee. He has a stocky build, accentuated by a girth around his belly. Basically, … Read more

Why Deshaun Watson Is Suing The NFL Probably Won’t Work

On Monday, it was announced that former Texan quarterback (and current Cleveland Brown) Deshaun Watson would be suspended for the first six games of the 2022 season for committing sexual assault in a multi-woman massage setting, as determined by former judge and current NFL. Referee Sue L. Robinson. Prior to announcing the length of the … Read more

Kareem Hunt wants out of Cleveland, Jimmy G wants out of San Francisco

Image: Getty Images The off-season drama and turmoil in Cleveland will apparently spill over into the regular season. DeShaun Watson’s sentence was handed out last week to the tune of a very disappointing six-game delaywhat has been appealed by the NFL. Now one of Cleveland’s main offensive weapons, Kareem Hunt, is not only in training … Read more