The Project: Carrie Bickmore Weighs on Anthony Albanian Botox Rumors

Project host Carrie Bickmore has weighed in on rumors that the prime minister has had Botox.

Despite taking the pressure of the top job, Anthony Albanese looks fresher than ever recently.

At a recent meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister, Mr Albanian’s skin appeared noticeably smoother.

A newspaper article speculated as to whether the prime minister’s stress-free qualities were due to “Botox fillers or just plain living”.

On Wednesday night’s episode of The projectBickmore and co-host Rachel Corbett weighed in on the matter, comparing two photos of Mr. Albanese, a so-called post-transformation.

But Corbett wasn’t convinced.

“I don’t think he looks different in those pictures side by side. He looks exactly the same,” she said.

“I wouldn’t have said ‘there’s a guy who’s had Botox'”.

“Let the man flourish too,” she added.

Bickmore also questioned whether the Prime Minister had opted for injections to reduce wrinkles.

“If so, he should go back and ask for a better job because he looks the same.”

The host asked Corbett if she cared that Albanian might have a job.

“Not really,” Corbett said.

Fellow host Hamish MacDonald also questioned whether Albanian had received the Botox injections.

Fresh face fuels rumor mill

Speaking on Nova FM’s Fitzy and Wippa program Wednesday morning, Mr. Albanese was immediately asked if he had any help with the refresher department.

“Have you had Botox and how many fillers have you had Prime?”

The prime minister then suggested that anyone who thought they had time to inject Botox in their face might be injecting the toxin into a non-prescription area.

“Seriously, I think whoever wrote that article has Botox in the wrong place,” the prime minister laughed.

The media questioning then centered on Mr Albanese’s weight loss journey after losing more than 15kg in the run-up to the election.

‘For anyone who listens carefully, there can be a few kilos. What was your only tip or secret you had for losing weight?” he was probed.

“Don’t eat the bread,” the Prime Minister replied.

“I just had two boiled eggs for breakfast. It will keep you by lunchtime.

“Stopping eating between meals is the most important.”

Mr Albanese said that while largely giving up alcohol was important for weight loss, he did get to it from time to time.

“I occasionally drink a beer. Both light and heavy,” he said.

“I have the strange hot chip and all that. Don’t be too religious about it. It has taken a long time. It was over 18 months. But the real motivation, I don’t recommend this, was a near-life car accident.

“And that was a real wake-up call to get fit and healthy. It worked. It makes me feel much better and I just feel much better in the morning, but much better during the day.”

— with Samantha Maiden.

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