Warriors Klay Thompson is confident the icy shooting will heat up

BOSTON (CBS SF) — For Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson, it’s all about perspective. The edge has not changed, the ball has the same circumference and its shooting touch is just as dangerous.

So when it comes to his icy shootout so far in the NBA Finals, Thompson remains convinced the slump is coming to an end.

“When I watched the movie, I probably seemed a little rushed. I wasn’t under my chance,” he said during media day in Boston on Wednesday, a day before Game 3 of the NBA Finals against the Celtics.

Thompson expressed great confidence that he could shake off the cold spell with his shooting.

“This isn’t anything I’m immune to. I’ve been through slumps before. The best thing is, it’s how you react. Come Game 3, I probably won’t do much other than just play at a fast pace and pump great shots. If I tend to do that, I tend to have a big night,” he said. “The most important thing is that I feel good when I win 4-for-19 and win 20. I’d rather do that than 13-for-19 and lose 10. I’ve been there, and it’s never fun.”

So on Monday, Thompson was consuming YouTube clips from the nights his shooting strike was fatal.

“That’s the beauty of playing today,” explains Thompson. “You can go on YouTube and look up all your great moments. For me, it’s as recent as round two against the Nuggets, or the final round against the Mavs. I haven’t had a multiple three-point match in the entire series, but I held on the process, eventually I blew the lid off. For me, it’s about keeping the same shooter mentality. I’d rather go down swinging than being gun shy.”

Fellow “Splash Brother” Steph Curry said Thompson’s unpredictability makes him a dangerous threat.

“History with him has shown that there is no predictor,” Curry told reporters. “He can just take it to another level. Regular season, playoffs, he’s always found a way to get himself going. Especially in the playoffs, just to make a loud impact. Most of the time it’s it really loud.”

“His behavior never really changes,” he continued. “It’s not really something you can just look at and be, oh…if you saw him now, you’d think he’s turning 50 on average in this series. He just has a really confident look about him. That’s the best about him It’s all about the work you put into it, it’s about the mindset. He doesn’t need lessons for that. That’s why there is so much confidence that he can leave at any moment.”

Golden State head coach Steve Kerr isn’t too worried either.

“I think he’s just applying a little pressure,” Kerr said. “He just wants to do it right so bad he takes some bad ones. I’m not really worried about it because this isn’t the first time it’s happened. Klay has a way of responding to mini slumps or how you want to call it too. The center of gravity will be: let’s make sure we get good rhythm shots early on. If we do that individually and as a team, everyone will be in a better position.”

Thompson has also gained some extra perspective that he didn’t have in previous playoffs. He returned this season after being sidelined for 941 days with ACL and an Achilles tendon injury.

“For what I’ve been through over the years, I’ll be happy to be in this position, especially considering where I was in June last year. Me and Rick Celebrini in the gym, only two in the arena, it was empty,” Thompson said. “There is no one in the bay at that time. To be here on this podium again, you have to remind yourself to keep working because it’s a blessing and a real honor to be here.”

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